Caroline Yoder

Carrie Yoder spent ~5 years as a digital nomad with her husband Drew managing their points and miles travel blog, "Travel Is Free". Now she shares her content management and design skills with others, including Frequent Miler.
Party of 5 team Americas predictions

Party of 5 Predictions – What do we think Team SFO has planned?

Believe it or not, we're a week away from departing on our 2023 Frequent Miler Annual Challenge: "Party of 5". Don't worry - if you're foggy on the challenge details, let me give a...
Frequent Miler Ask Us Anything Episode 55

Team points vs team cash back | Ask Us Anything Ep 55

Did you make it to last week's "Ask Us Anything, Live?" If not, you missed some fascinating hypotheticals. For instance...how much cash back would you need to earn to switch from "Team Points" to...
Maise and Greg flying Business Class

Follow along as Greg helps Maisie book her first business class reward redemption.

Anyone who followed our 3 Cards, 3 Continents challenge back in the fall may remember Greg's culinary concierge Maisie. Greg showed that he could find award space for two to fly both of them...
Frequent Miler Ask Us Anything, Ep 54

What percent of our hotel stays are paid vs award bookings? | Ask Us...

We had so many good questions in this Wednesday's "Ask Us Anything", episode 54. For instance we all picked Stephen's brain about how many stays he books on cash throughout his travels vs reward...
FM Ask Us Anything Episode 53

What’s the best Capital One card to start with | Ep 53

On episode 53 of Frequent Miler's Ask Us Anything, Live, the team answered questions about which Citi credit card to start with (14:50), gift cards limiting money orders to $200 (12:50), and searching for...
Ask Us Anything Episode 52

Best hotels in Hawaii on points? – Ask Us Anything Ep 52

In episode 52 of our Ask Us Anything Live, we answered questions about how much credit card companies know about what you're actually purchasing (28:12), how to convince partners/spouse's to participate in the miles...
Carrie in Fiji

Is unplanned travel more fun?

If you listened to the most recent Podcast episode, you already know that we had a sort of exciting week, albeit a bit chaotic. You should listen to the episode to get the full...
Ask Us Anything Episode 51

Which country has the best food? | Ask Us Anything Ep 51

Thanks to Greg's beautiful New Zealand vacation, our Ask Us Anything Live got shuffled around a bit. By the time we got it scheduled, Stephen was off enjoying paradise in Mauritius. (So much paradise,...

Remembering Nick’s visit to Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi Finland [Video]

This Christmas Day, we can't forget a core memory Nick created during his 2022 travels for the 3 Cards, 3 Continents challenge. If you aren't already familiar, Nick cleverly turned a passing comment and...

Road-Trip from Monterrey to Mexico City – so many waterfalls!

I have a sort of love hate relationship with road trips since I hate renting cars, but it can sometimes be the only way to see a country's beautiful natural destinations. In Mexico for...

Would you return to Necker Island? | Ask Us Anything, Ep 50

In this week's "Ask Us Anything, Live", we answered all sorts of fun questions about Tokyo recommendations (33:54), honeymoon destination ideas (37:37), and the notion of returning to Necker Island (14:12). Watch the full...

Puerto Vallarta’s La Guadalupana Processions are returning this December

A few years ago I was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico because of a hotel mistake fare at the Sheraton Puerto Vallarta (where we paid $124.93 for 6 nights), but the visit happened to overlap...

Travel feels free when you’re broke and platinum…

Hopefully you've all gotten a chance to read Nick's excellent post about the joy (and myth) of "free" travel. In the post he does a great job outlining the pit-falls of thinking of award...

What’s the sweet spot you’d be most excited about booking? | Ask Us Anything...

As one YouTube viewer commented, we "let Tim and Stephen out of the basement" to join in on the Ask Us Anything episode which went live on November 2nd and introduced questions about award...

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