Last Chance Deals: Very profitable Mastercard gift card deal, Flying Blue transfer bonus & more


Welcome to our weekly list of what’s ending this week as well as a collection of some other deals that are due to end soon.

There are two separate deals on Mastercard gift cards ending this week. The one at Hy-Vee is wildly profitable as you make almost $25 profit for each $500 card you buy, while Staples is offering fee-free $200 Mastercard gift cards.

Ending tomorrow (Monday) is a 25% transfer bonus from Amex Membership Rewards to Air France/KLM Flying Blue, while later in the week the latest Wyndham points sale and increased welcome offer on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card come to an end.

Below you’ll find this week’s Last Chance Deals. Those are followed by deals that Won’t Last Long and Other Limited-time Offers. Deals in bold were posted this week. You can find all the deals that won’t be ending soon on our Current Deals resource.

Last Chance Deals

Last Chance Deals

Expires Monday, May 22, 2023

Expires Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Expires Thursday, May 25, 2023

Expires Friday, May 26, 2023

Expires Saturday, May 27, 2023

Won’t Last Long
Other Limited-Time Offers

Sign-up Bonuses / Credit Cards

  • None ending this month.


Shopping/Spending Deals

Bank Account Bonuses

Other Helpful Resources

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Adventure NML

FYI you have the rakuten deal as ending on the 16th, but it ends today (15th)


Just used our 2nd AMEX $50 off InKind offer yesterday, this time at AniRamen in Jersey City. (We have 2 Amex golds). Overall app works great. One thing I learned – P1 received a $25 referral just by signing up (“friend of Stephen”) and another $25 when referring P2. InKind keeps those referral Bonuses sort of separate, such that you can only use one at a time. So while I had (2) $25 credits plus the $50 Amex, I could only max out at $75 for one visit. Saving the other $25 for another trip later

P C Joesph Penhale 3021

Thank you Stephen for being a law abiding blogger.


The targeted 150,000 biz plat offer expiring today is NLL, is it not?


with regards to podcast on what crazy thing did citi do…I’ve also been waiting since 3/10
citi kills me with these long delays


I’m surprised the Ink cards aren’t on here, since the 90k offers end this month.


Just book two nights at IHG hotel for a wedding. Saved some miles. Thanks!

Mrs. Tishel

I always enjoy my Sunday’s with Stephen first thing, along with a cuppa.


Does anyone know how much $ will appear on the 1099-int for 60k MR points?


If any, assume $600 for planning purposes.


Stephen: Your first entry Amex spend @ Amazon 5X max 2,500 points, P2 & I both got the offer on business cards for expiration 12/31/2022 not today as you show I’m thinking on personal card(s).


Mine is on Biz Plat and also expires 12/31/2022.


Dell for some reason flagged my account as a reseller and I can no longer place purchases. Has anyone figured out how to resolve this issue? Their customer service is terrible.


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately that did not work. I think they blacklisted my shipping address.


you need to contact dells sales rep before making a purchase. or you can wait six months from last purchase should reset your purchases allotment.


Dell has imposed a six-purchase maximum during any six-month period. Not certain if it is six calendar months or rolling six months. This is what Max (below) is referring to.


Create a business account. All it needs is a different email address and make sure that when you order select the business button rather than the personal.

You don’t need to give any business info at all.

Adventure NML

Did you mean for the headline to be Delta or Dell AMEX offer, because there’s no Delta offer in this week’s roundup.


Hello: I see offers on my Amex Platinum account where 1000 membership rewards points is equal to 2600 Hilton Honor points. PLUS, a 30% bonus if I transfer by 9/30/22. Is this a good offer. I know Amex MR points are worth a lot more than Hilton Honor points. I believe even if Hilton Honor points are valued at 0.6 in terms of value, this still looks like a good offer. Thoughts?


most people value at 0.4 and I have seen pricing for awards consistent with that, but of course it depends on where/when you are redeeming.


I thought it was around 0.6. But, that’s even worse. Definately feel like Hyatt redemption and statuses are the most meaningful at this point compared to the rest!


Really depends on what you are booking. For instance, on a recent trip I paid cash as the point value was .4. A few months ago I booked a trip, with the 5th night free and my point value was 1.1 cents. the points are tied to the hotel prices roughly but I have found it varies. Also if its a high tax and resort fee area, award nights pay neither so the value goes up. For instance a stay last year in Orlando area had a $50 (including taxes) per night resort fee.


The normal transfer ratio is 1000 MR to 2000 Hilton. The 2600 Hilton you note already includes the 30 percent transfer bonus. It is not 2600 “plus” a 30 percent transfer bonus (which would equal 3380).


Spend $25 in restaurants on each Amex Brilliant before the end of month

Captain Greg

The NLL 100k biz gold also expires on 9/30


says Hyatt and AA is closed today, 9/4 when you click on the link.


Didn’t see it listed here. Office Depot/OfficeMax has $15 off on $300 or more on VGCs. Dates are 8/28/22 to 9/3/22.


The Chase -> Marriott bonus isn’t showing up for me as of 8/14/22.

Captain Greg

Could be worth mentioning that today is the last day for the 160k NLL biz platinum.

Mary Jane

I have never used the United travel bank strategy for unused travel cc credits. Does it still work and, if so, which of the FM articles describes how to do it? Any info would be appreciated.

Mary Jane

TYVM Stephen!


3pts per $ @ gift on the AA portal


I would rather see pictures of Stephen than Greg mugging it up. No offence.


seriously…all Greg’s cheesy photos have got to go. Sadly, quality of articles has really gone down this year. Too bad, was my favorite front-runner for a long time.

George P.

Reminds me of Emily and Million Mile Secrets

I’d prefer to see Stephen too, but Stephen chose to use a pic of me for some reason.

@kat: The photos we use as featured images have nothing to do with the article content. We have found over time that when posts feature an image of a face or two, it is more likely to get widely shared on social media. That obviously helps our business so there’s no reason not to do so.


Yay! Love the new picture

Last edited 1 year ago by Debbie
Mark W

The Point Debit Card offers for Costco, Whole Foods, Amazon, and Trader Joe’s don’t expire on 3/27 – they’ve already all been extended to 4/18.

SAMUEL L. BRONKOWITZ, S.P. Fan Club President

Good Morning Stephen Pepper….wherever you are.


Data point on the Hilton AMEX 8K free night deal. In the past, I’ve paid FEDERAL Taxes with this card and it has always triggered the free night for $15K spend per year. When the the “Free Night for $8K Spend” deal hit, I put an $8K STATE tax payment on it. That payment DID NOT trigger the free night. It DOES show up on my AMEX page as counting toward the $15K spend for a free night. I confirmed with AMEX that it wasn’t going to count toward the free night for $8K spend offer. I put an $8K FEDERAL tax payment on it today. Hopefully, that will trigger the free night on $8K spend (and the free night on $15K spend yearly deal since I will have put a total of $16K between the two payments).


My fed tax payment did trigger it.


Did you get the notification from AMEX immediately? I’ve not heard anything. I put the payment on the card yesterday.

SAMUEL L. BRONKOWITZ, President Stephen Pepper Fa

It must be Sunday morning. Enjoying my coffee and bagel while reading last chance deals by Stephen Pepper… is good.


I’m sure it already expired since it had been on this list for the last few months and no longer here. Would anyone happen to have a link to the deal where you got like $250 on some cashback site to drive for Uber or doordash?

Mick Dodge

Stephen Pepper saves me money again! God Bless Stephen.
Greg, more Pepper please. Carrie, how about some silly Stephen photos? ….and Nick of course….


I just got an email to apply for the AA Citi Exec World Elite Mastercard:

Apply today using your non-transferable, exclusive invitation number 167058083. This number can be used one time to apply for this credit card offer.

I had the card previously and canceled it about a year or two ago. Anyway to know if I’m eligible for the signup bonus again?

Last edited 1 year ago by rich
Mick Dodge

Stephen Pepper is the MAN!

Adventure NML

Is there an archive of recently-expired deals anywhere? Sometimes I like to go back and double-check details or grab a link. If only there was a way to go back to earlier versions of this page

Adventure NML

Ah, a very good suggestion! I had my mail the daily digest, which doesn’t seem to preserve the full article text, just a preview…I’ll try out switching to instant!

Joe Bleaux

If all else fails, try searching for the content on the Wayback Machine on, a repository of archived websites.


Can you pick a newer stock photo for a clock? Literally any clock is better looking that this one and he keeps reusing it.


I love the color. And that soft focus!


100k Chase Southwest personal cards exp. 12/7


You’re missing the Office Depot $15 off VISA cards for this week.

Biggie F

Thanks for the reminder re Delta Business cards… The Gold is a great “destination” card for the referral bonuses Greg highlighted last week — it’s a business card, so does not count against Chase 5/24; and no AF first year, which cuts down on the total cost of the MR acquisition shenanigans. Spend is also low ($2,000), so for us, the 70K Delta SkyMiles are just gravy. I like gravy. Anyhow, got after Greg’s scheme today because of this deadline — so far, so good!


Marriott Eat Around Town extended through November.

[…] This is always a good list to see if you missed anything: Last Chance Deals: Transfer Bonuses, Amex Offers, Airline Promos & More. […]

Mark S

My local Staples has VISA gift cards with no purchase fee from 8/8 to 8/14. Did not see that in your post at first but now see the link at the bottom of the page.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark S

Just listened to your last podcast. Greg does know that he can just early renew his Audible subscription to get the $20 audible credit for the platinum right? Audible is more than happy to take your (or Amex’s) money. You might just have a bunch of new credits that you might not know which books to buy for


You should add the Target RedCard debit card offer that expires on 7/16. It is churnable 90 days after the closing date of the prior RedCard debit card


Thank you for posting these last chance deals and adding in your comments such as the webull offer – why this offer is better than the one posted in the beginning of April.


Last year I canceled the old Hyatt card, if I get the new one am I eligible for the sign up bonus?


Thanks. It has been way longer.


As a reminder, you could earn up to 5,000 Bonus Points (enough for 1 free night at a Category 1 hotel) by using your World of Hyatt Credit Card on purchases of more than $1 between February 1 and February 28, 2021.

Billy Bob

50 times.
That part is kinda important.


Also, don’t forget that Expedia points lose their double value for VIP effective 2/1.


Maybe it would be good to include the Hilton status gifting that expires today in the list, too?
On that note, I’d be very happy to let someone’s status gifting not go to waste 😀


I just got an upgrade offer on my Business Gold to upgrade to Business Platinum but I already have a Business Platinum. 85k after spending 10k. I was thinking of just paying some extra taxes and getting the bonus. Do you guys think i will get the points by a) getting a second business Platinum b) spending the entire amount on federal tax. I am just not sure about having two of the same cards with Amex. Love your blog by the way!

Last edited 2 years ago by RD DD

2 things: 1) the Amex Gold 60K offer is gone — ended Christmas Day and 2) you forgot the Hilton “Buy points, Get Double” offer


@Stephen, I just double checked mine and yes, the 60K Gold offer is back on mine. The only change is you now have 3 months to spend $4,000 on the card rather than 6 months.


The 15% bonus when transferring bank points to Krisflyer (including Amex MR) has been extended to Jan 16, 2021 (See:

[…] That’s it for this week at Frequent Miler. Don’t forget to check out the year-ending last chance deals. […]

[…] That’s it for this week at Frequent Miler. Don’t forget to check out this week’s last chance deals. […]


I didn’t see anything about LifeMiles on the list. I thought their last sale on miles ended already?

Captain Greg

Are the jetblue 100k SUB’s still alive? Feel like those should be up here.

Last edited 2 years ago by Captain Greg

Marriott 50% bonus. Not that attractive. They offered 100% bonus earlier this year. Credit card points are much more flexible than hotel or airline points.


Is it confirmed that Bonvoy Boundless SUP offer expires 10/15/2020?


Can you clear something up about Hyatt promo? It’s my understanding that regarding elite nights under current Hyatt promo, you get 1 for 2020, 1 bonus for 2021. In addition, 2020 nights carry over to 2021. So you get 1 elite night in 2020 and 2 for 2021 for each night during promo. Is that correct? Also, is there a cutoff date for 2020 nights carrying over (like April and later, or the full year)?

Greg The Frequent Miler

No, Hyatt nights don’t carry over. Instead, for checkout dates of Oct 1 through Dec 31, you get 1 elite night in 2020 and 1 in 2021. For checkout dates of Jan 1-4, you get two elite nights in 2021.


Ok I see. That’s decidedly less exciting. Mattress run cancelled.


Chase Sapphire Banking link is not valid.