(EXPIRED) Free $15 Lowe’s gift card with $200 Visa Gift Card, stacks with a lot (4/22-4/28/21)

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There is a Lowe’s offer that came out this week that is an awesome deal: Get a $15 Lowe’s gift card when you buy a $200 Visa Gift Card from 4/22/21 to 4/28/21 with a limit of 2 per email address. This deal has been out for a couple of days but I thought it was still worth reporting for anyone who may be unaware since there are some great ways to stack for additional savings.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Valid 4/22/21 to 4/28/21
  • Two per email address

Quick Thoughts

If you value the Lowe’s gift card close to face value, this deal is profitable from the base point since the activation fee on standard Visa Gift Cards is $6.95 — meaning that you’d come out $8 ahead in gift card money before accounting for credit card rewards or any stacking. If you’re able to find the Grocery Everywhere cards and can use those at your local grocery store, it gets even better since those only have a $4.95 activation fee.

But there are a number of ways to stack this deal to make it even better:

Note of course that Amex has been known to claw back points if meeting minimum spending requirements with gift card purchases and they also clawed back points on gift card purchases last summer when they offered a bonus at US supermarkets on Hilton cards. I’ve not had problems buying gift cards with past Lowe’s offers, but YMMV as to how that will pan out with the Amex options above. In my opinion, one or two gift cards is probably low-risk. If you intend to buy a lot more, you should tread carefully and beware of the risk.

Note that James in our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group notes that the Lowe’s gift card number shows up right away when you submit the form and that you’ll want to save that number right away in case it isn’t readable in the email for some reason.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Good point about the lower fees on the grocery everywhere cards…. (my local lowe’s have them…. wondering if anyone has tried them as yet for this promotion filing)


ps: speaking of grocery gift cards, and related to current quarter Chase Freedom categories, (but not to the promotion here) I have been pleasantly surprised to also see various v/l cards, with no activation fees — for grocery chains — Kroger, Martin’s Giant, etc.


I have purchased the Grocery Everywhere cards this weekend (total of four) and I successfully submitted them to the Blackhawk site for four $15 Lowe’s eGiftcard codes (carefully screen captured as others have noted, the email notification is missing the actual card number and PIN needed for redemption). I’ve already spent one of the four $15 eGiftcard codes successfully and have no reason to think the other three codes would give me any problem.

These purchases having only just posted to my AMEX account, though, I haven’t seen the 10% AMEX Offer transactions post yet. I did get the email notification that I just used an AMEX Offer each time I made a purchase at Lowe’s this weekend.


I second the advice to print the page with the card number that appears during the process. The email I got has this helpful bit of text:

Here is your Reward $XX Lowe’s eGift Card

Gift card can be redeemed in any Lowe’s store or online at Lowes.com.

Card#: $ppd_confirm_itunes_account_number_value
Issuance Date: $ppd_confirm_itunes_bonus_delivery_date_value


I just tried to buy these $200 Visa GCs at my local Lowes using my Chase Freedom card. The display rack had a lot of these GCs, which in my experience signals that there is a problem. I took six of the GCs to the register, and the clerk called over the manager, who said no — that I couldn’t buy these cards with a credit card, that I had to pay cash or use a debit card. Perhaps my mistake was that I should have tried to buy one or two GCs first, so I wouldn’t have triggered the override amount that caused the clerk call in the manager. Who knows.


Good to know. Maybe I will try again in a couple of days.


My local Lowe’s now only allows one gift card (of any type, even the third party cards) per purchase. I tried to stack with the Amex $25 off $500 offer but was denied, so only bought one $200 vgc.


Can you use the Lowe’s gift card to buy another gift card?


This won’t code as a Lowe’s purchase – it’s processed by someone else.