(EXPIRED) Giftcards.com: Save 5% on Mastercard gift cards

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GiftCards.com once again wants to give you free money. Currently, they’re offering 5% off when buying Mastercard gift cards (both physical and virtual) and using one of three (and probably soon to be more) promo codes.

The Deal

  • Save 5% when buying Mastercard gift cards from Giftcards.com using the following codes:

Direct link to offer 

Key Terms and Conditions

  • Expires November 17, 2022.
  • Valid for 5% off the purchase of up to $1500 worth of Mastercard virtual or physical gift cards from GiftCards.com while supplies last.
  • Maximum value $75.00.
  • Excludes GiftCards.com for Business orders.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.

Quick Thoughts

This deal makes a gift card purchase profitable even before taking into account other credit card rewards. The Mastercards have a $5.95 purchase fee, so the net cost of a $250 card will be $243.45 after using the promo code…a profit of $6.55 per card. These deals are usually only good for digital giftcards, but this time it’s valid on both digital and physical Mastercards (do note that physical cards have a higher $6.95 fee and will be subject to shipping charges as well).

Its also possible to earn rewards through a shopping portal – check here for the current rates. The best option right now might be to use one of the airline shopping portals since they all have a holiday spending bonus that requires hitting certain thresholds that are easily done with this promo.

Find more details about the current airline shopping portal offers below:

Do be aware that some portals will occasionally deny earnings when using a discount code on GCC that’s not listed on the portal site. Last month, I had the AA Portal try to deny the regular portal earnings, even though I used a code that WAS on their site. Luckily, I took screenshots of everything and so was able to prove that the code was there. Interestingly enough, even though I’m having to fight with them over the regular earnings, the spending bonus was awarded, no questions asked.

Portals will often start to add discount codes towards the end of a GCC sale, so it might be worth waiting a couple of days to see if one of the above codes shows up. We’ll update this post if we see that one does.

(h/t: GC Galore)

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Nunya Business

Can I use these gift cards to buy more gift cards on giftcards.com?


I’m not sure that you can use the mastercards to buy more mastercards?


These portals specify “Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site”. For example AA only provides a 5% discount code for food/dining gift cards NOT visa or mastercard ones.


How state that
The best option right now might be to use one of the airline shopping portals since they all have a holiday spending bonus”
when those offers specifically exclude gift card purchases as qualifying for spend bonus?


which bank are the physical cards run through – metabank, vanillagift or other? i ask bec it is difficult for me to liquidate the metabank ones (staples, OM) so i stay away from them.


agree — I can’t put my finger on it, but in general I have problems with the Mastercards from various sources — they often are recognized as credit cards on most sites, not debit. That makes it harder (and more expensive) to liquidate via my usual means.


Can you load these cards to Venmo


Would you use an Amex for $1k of these if you were working towards a SUB?


Nvm, found the answer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztXtuy8Sn_I


Nvm, I found the answer on a FM Youtube clip…”no.”


FYI. Fees are coming up at $6.95 per card for Mastercard not $5.95. And shipping fee for plastic cards are $8.75 (or more for expedited service). Or am I missing something?