Direct Donation
You can make donations directly to the fund, which will be directed primarily to countries with a large flow of refugees, as well as directly to volunteer organizations in Ukraine.

We will transfer money for specific requests, for medicines and medical care, for food, clothing and housing, individually urgently needed things that will help the Ukrainian to survive.

We are responsible for ensuring that our help reaches the Ukrainians and we will post confirmations from organizations, checks, the format of purchases and assistance in our telegram channel.

Our organization is replenished with volunteers who will create channels for help requests in every country, not only from refugee camps, but also from ordinary people, families who will need any help from us.

Given the situation, we will check the status of the person contacting us.

We are open to contacts with all Ukrainians from all over the world who have been exiled from their homes due to the Russian invasion. If you are Ukrainian and need help just email us:

These donations are your small help, and be sure this money will help. Help us to support Ukrainian people, and we will organize this assistance to the maximum of our efforts.

This is a matter of honor for us.

SUP team.
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